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Sponge Grooming - Medium from $1.79 NZD 
Sponge Grooming - Small from $1.59 NZD 
Rainbow Star Sweat Scraper
from $5.99 NZD
CCI Sweat Scraper
from $2.99 NZD
Massage Lint Remover Mitt
from $7.99 NZD
Gel Grip Sweat Scraper
from $8.99 NZD

Microfiber Grooming Sponge
from $4.99 NZD
Grooming/Massage Sponge
from $3.99 NZD
Enzo Sheepskin Glove
from $19.99 NZD
Rubber Curry Comb Palmfit
from $4.99 NZD

Stars Curry Comb
from $3.99 NZD
Sweat Scraper Rubber Edge - Plastic
from $5.99 NZD
Microfiber Chenille Mitt
from $3.99 NZD
Absorbine THE MITT Soft Applicator
from $24.99 NZD

Curry Comb Hose Fitting%
from $6.99 NZD
Grooming Massager
from $6.99 NZD
Grooming Mit - Sisal
from $5.99 NZD
Horse Shaped Sponge
from $1.59 NZD

Rubber Curry Comb Massager
from $4.99 NZD
Rubber Grooming Mit
from $4.99 NZD
Rubber Washing Mit
from $5.99 NZD
Sponge Brush
from $4.99 NZD

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