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Washing your horse

  • Tie your horse securely, using a quick release knot. Always wear covered-in shoes and take things nice and slowly, especially if he is a little nervous of the water. It may be helpful to have someone to hold and reassure the horse.


  • You will need access to running water. Either use a hose or, if your horse is nervous, a bucket full of water and a sponge to completely wet the horse. Take care around the head and avoid getting water in the ears.


  • Lather shampoo through their coat. Colour enhancing shampoos can be used to enhance the natural colours of the horses coat, conditioning shampoos soften the coat, and iodine washes may help with minor skin irritations.



  • Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly. If it is left in the horse's coat it may make him itchy.


  • Use a sweat scraper to remove excess water and towel him dry.


  • Keep the horse out of drafts untill he is completely dry, to help avoid the risk of catching cold.